Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scraps and Hexies!

The good news...I finished cutting up my scraps!
I have my cutting table back!!!!
The bad news...I am going to need a lot more scraps if I am going to make 169 little log cabin blocks!
And now onto those little 1/4" hexagons...this is how I have been basting them...
I started off with a 1" square and cut off the corners...
Fold the first side over...
Then make the first corner fold...
At that point I clip just on that folded side and corner and take my first basting stitch...
Just keep going around, folding the corners and basting until you have about half the corners done. At this point it is stable enough that you can take the clip off (it gets in the way eventually...) and keep folding over the corners and basting.
The last fold is the hardest. You'll want to make sure that each corner is tucked in properly.  
And now it is ready for sewing!
When I began sewing my little hexies together, I thought my 100 weight silk thread would be perfect!
But after getting one flower done with a medium grey I realized the threads showed too much.
So the next flower I tried a bit of a darker grey...still not great... it was just too shiny of a thread!
Next trusty Aurifil...darker grey for color to color, lighter grey for color to white or white to white.
Much better!
Another flower started!
My next step is to try removing the papers from the inner rounds so I can reuse them!
 I'll need some really small tweezers to get that job done!
These little hexagons are easier than you'd think! Give them a try!
Happy Stitching!