Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Needleturn and a new sock...

I chose an easy needleturn applique project to practice with.
 I don't think it will ever be my favourite method of applique but I am determined to get more comfortable with it!
I had 2 charm packs so that will be perfect to do this cute Orange Peel quilt!
After doing a bit of reading, I realized I had never finger pressed when I had previously tried needleturn so I thought I should try it.
So far it seems to be working! Two and a half blocks are done! So far so good! I do not find this as fast as my usual freezer paper method but this is going to give me the ability to do ANY applique!
And I have a new tool for knitting...thanks to my Dad!
One sock done! My new yarn bowl is perfect, but I must admit, I do miss searching for that rolling ball of wool!
Happy Stitching!


  1. You are doing great with the applique, I'm afraid to try anything but the freezer paper because I love how easy it is. The bowl is beautiful.

  2. Needleturn is my favourite applique method because freezer paper is more work (at least for me). Once you get used to it Ann I'm sure you will enjoy it. I envy that bowl. Your dad does such beautiful work.

  3. Heh Ann. Love your dad's bowl! Innovative idea!