Monday, October 15, 2012

More UFO's and a Lesson Learned

First I'll show my progress on two UFO's. I spent a few hours in my sewing room (OK a bit more than a few) and I managed to get 2 UFO's ready for basting!
Here is the Farmers Wife quilt I finished putting together. My plan is to use this quilt for machine quiting practice. It measures 47" x 54". A great lap size!
This UFO has been pieced except for the borders for about 4 years. I made it from leftover fabrics from a quilt kit. I finally got around to finding fabrics that worked for the border and finished piecing it this week. This will be machine quilting practice too! I think this one will get donated.
It measures 45" x 57".
Yes it has been a while since I practiced machine quilting and yes I learned a lesson...several in fact!
1. Practice as often as possible...that means more than once every 2 months.
2. When you try a new free motion quilting pattern, really try it out on much as it takes to figure it out. Don't wing it because you won't be happy.
3. After you have it figured out on paper, figure it out on a practice quilt sandwich before going to the real quilt.
4.Go with your instinct
5. I'm not sure I like clear thread. It is too hard for my 'old' eyes to see where I have been.
So what quilt made me learn ALL these lessons?
I obviously did not practice on paper enough (i.e. half a sheet is not enough).
My new rule is at least 2 sheets.
So , my first thought was that I was going to do a diagonal grid with an off white thread. How could I have gotten so far off track????
Really, it isn't THAT bad but I can't help but think I'm going to regret not starting over. It is only a little quilt but do I really want to spend my time tearing out stitches???
I found the perfect binding too, but I won't do anything until I am sure.
Finally, I cut up all my scraps of batting into machine quilting practice sizes. I cut as much as I could 15" square and what was left I cut 12" square. I got a good stack to start practicing. Now all I need is some muslin.
Happy Stitching!

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