Monday, February 21, 2011

Pineapples and Big Stitch Quilting

My pineapples are done! I made another 13 blocks this weekend and even got them put together! They are so cute- just 3" finished. I love how this little quilt turned out. I don't have much left of my fat eighth pack of taupes and greys so it's good that I didn't want to make it any larger. It is 18 inches square. I have a couple of ideas on how to quilt it but I'm undecided so I pinned it to my bulletin board and at least there I can enjoy looking at it until I figure out the quilting design.

One thing about making pineapples... you really get into a groove and it can be pretty mindless, especially using such neutral colors. It gives you time to think and look around at all your UFO's , of which I have too many. And I'm not sure how this happened but most of mine are LARGE quilts. Oh, what to do?

Now here is a peak at my big stitched quilt. It is coming along well. I try to quilt at it a few times a week usually just an hour or so at a time. I am falling in love with it...that is the magic of quilting it yourself.

I am using a fan pattern and pearle cotton ( used up 1 spool already) with Fons and Porter Utility Quilting needles. I also have a pack of Chenille needles I will try.

Big stitching is easy and you see results quickly so it is satisfying too. The hardest thing is keeping your stitches uniform especially if you are a hand quilter. My stitches keep trying to get smaller, but it is a rather rustic looking technique so it looks fine!

And speaking of big stitching...I think that quilt is calling to me!

Happy Stitching


  1. Your pineapples are amazing, sooo tiny! Beautiful work!
    I love quilting with perle thread and big stitches. Your quilting looks great!

  2. Love the quilting. I want to have a go at hand quilting with perle thread and big stitches

  3. Did you start in the middle of the quilt or in the centre? I have yet to try my hand at the big stitch but maybe one day. Love the pineapple quilt.

  4. Love the pine apples! They are so tiny, well done!
    The big stitching is very becoming on the quilt too!